WISUDA 2022 “Toga ku Penutup Kuliah ku”

WISUDA 2022 "Toga ku Penutup Kuliah ku"

Hari yang dinantikan kini telah tiba, hari wisuda dimana mereka “Mahasiswa” mengenakan toga atau kostum berupa pakaian berwarna hitam dengan identitas suatu universitas atau institusi serta memakai topi berbentuk segi empat. Hari istemewa sebagai momentum penting dan penutup bagi mahasiswa yang akhirnya telah menyelesaikan tuntutan dan perjuangan nya dalam pendidikan ilmu dan karakter.

Wisuda (diserap dari bahasa Jawa: ꦮꦶꦱꦸꦝ. wisudha) adalah upacara peneguhan atau pelantikan bagi seseorang yang telah menempuh pendidikan. Di kalangan akademik, wisuda merupakan penanda kelulusan mahasiswa yang telah menempuh masa belajar pada suatu universitas. Kata “Toga” sendiri dalam bahasa latin adalah tego yang berarti penutup. 

Hal ini turut dirasakan oleh teman teman lulusan SMKN 1 Paringin Teknik Instalasi Tenaga Listrik yang selama ini berkuliah dan telah berhasil menjadi seorang Sarjana dan Diploma di tahun 2022, antara lain:

1) Suhada, S1-UNY
2) Muhammad Fikri Hernadi, D3-POLIBAN
3) Risma Andri Kurniawan, D3-POLIBAN
4) Hairullah, D3-POLIBAN
5) Efindi Hidayat, D3-POLIBAN
6) Syarifah Nor Laila, D3-POLIBAN
7) Muhammad Rayyan Anwari, D3-POLIBAN
8) Wira Winanda, D3-POLIBAN

Ada banyak cerita dan pembelajaran yang akan mereka kenang sewaktu berkuliah. Selesainya tugas dalam menuntut ilmu di jenjang universitas kini diganti dengan langkah baru untuk siap dan berani terjun dalam masyarakat menerapkan apa yang telah didapatkan selama kuliah.

Sebagai harapan untuk membuat perubahan dan menjadi motivasi bagi adik-adik kelas yang masih bersekolah di SMKN 1 Paringin. 

Five Easy Ways To Capture a Screenshot in Windows 10

Besides, you can also use the methods mentioned in this post if Windows 11 is not available in Windows Update. All of the above-mentioned laptops and the newer PCs launching come with Windows 11. Even many of the older Windows 10 PCs that are eligible for Windows 11 upgrade are being sold in Windows 11 by default. Another cheap laptop that will surely sate people who prefer bigger laptop screens.

What if you could have an unlimited number of windows on your screen at once? Imagine being able to see all the different things happening in front of and around you while working. Windows 11 lets you create individual virtual desktops. You can customize them with different wallpapers to make it easier to organize and identify each one. These desktops are more like how the Mac OS works on a computer screen when switching between various apps or programs. The Microsoft Store has launched with an easy way to download what you want without going to the Google Play Store.

If you still can’t find Windows 11 update in Windows Update after using the above two methods, you may need to change the related registry keys. Follow the on-screen wizards to finish the troubleshooting process. Windows 11 not showing up in Windows Update is an annoying thing that prevents you from getting Windows 11, the new version of Windows. MiniTool Software collects some useful solutions and shows them in this post.

Windows Update KB5015807 Fails to Install on one Windows 10 Desktop

The flyout on the Taskbar feels native enough, but chat windows pop out into their own window in the corner of your display, not where the chat flyout is. This also places a secondary Teams app icon on your Taskbar, so now I have two Teams icons for the same service. The actual chat button the Taskbar is clearly only a launcher for chats inside the actual Microsoft Teams app, which is not my favorite implementation.

  • Chat from Microsoft Teams integrated into the taskbar provides a faster way to connect to the people you care about.
  • To launch the Snipping tool and use its feature instantly, you can use the following hotkeys.
  • All the above is the four ways to fix “the Snipping Tool is not working” issue.
  • The Windows 10 version of File Explorer is divided into three main sections.

On startup, you can then select which partition to boot up. Using this method, you will keep both operating systems completely separate and reduce the chances of contamination. (It is highly recommended that you select “yes.”) This will create a bootable floppy disk with several useful files. This is also called an emergency startup disk, and you can create one at any time, on any Windows 95 computer, by selecting the Startup Disk tab of the Add/Remove icon found in the Control Panel. SETUP attempts to automatically determine all hardware—IRQs, addresses, DMA , and so forth. If the hardware is Plug and Play-compatible, the detection manager simply queries the BIOS for the information.

Best Monitor for PS5 in 2022

These new elements also support the light and dark color modes. Windows 11 22H2 brings some changes for the “Quick Settings” flyout, including a new option to open the “Bluetooth & Devices” setting page when right-clicking the “Bluetooth” button. In addition, there’s a new icon next to the volume slider to make the option more discoverable.

The easiest way to fix your screen is to press CTRL + ALT + DOWN ARROW on your keyboard. You can also right-click on any update empty space on your desktop and select Display Settings from the menu that appears. In Display Settings, click Multiple Displays and then select Extend these displays if you have more than one monitor connected to your computer. While hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys, pressing the Left, Right, or Down arrow key could rotate the screen a different direction. To restore the screen back to its normal upright rotation, just press Ctrl + Alt + the Up arrow. Right-click on the desktop and choose “Display settings“.

The Win32 handle table layout is described in the “Process Handle Tables” section. To quickly recap, each nonzero element in the pModuleTableArray represents a loaded EXE or DLL in the system. Each of these nonzero elements is a pointer to an IMTE (or a PIMTE, as I’ll use throughout the pseudocode). While the format of an actual module database is documented (it’s just an IMAGE_NT_HEADERS struct), the format of an IMTE isn’t .

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